Reprogram Your Mind For Effective Weight Loss With Hypnosis

weight loss hypnosis laois, offaly, kildare, kilkenny
weight loss hypnosis laois, offaly, kildare, kilkenny


Behavioural Modification for Unwanted Habits (quit smoking, weight loss) is Our Specialty!

The reason most people fail at weight loss is that the approach that they use is just too simplistic.

Dieting alone will end in failure for most people.

How you eat and how it affects your body weight, shape, size and composition depends on many factors such as:

  • Family conditioning (i.e. finish all the food in your plate or get punished)
  • How you manage your mood and emotions (do you eat when feeling disappointed or sad?)
  • Your daily eating and snacking habits
  • The foods that you eat
  • Knowledge about food, nutrition and the act of eating
  • How you move and exercise

Programs that do not take a number of these factors into consideration are going to have only limited success. Limited in either the amount of weight you lose or how long you can keep it off.

Hypnosis influences the subconscious part of your mind to adopt a new set of instructions, a blueprint for healthier eating and living, which inevitably leads to a happier mind and a slimmer and healthier body. Can you imagine being slim, trim, and comfortable in your own skin? Can you remember what is like to comfortably fit in those clothes hiding in the closet? Can you picture how confident you would feel as the slimmer version of yourself? I am sure you can.

Why work with your subconscious? Because habitual tendencies and behaviours are stored and maintained there and that’s where the work should be done.

The subconscious mind or deeper mind as I like to call it, looks after all those billion of internal biochemical processes that occur in your body every second of your life. These include the functioning or your organs, the temperature of your body, your circulatory system and blood pressure, balancing your immune system, releasing hormones, coordinating mind-body processes, managing emotions, etc….

weight loss hypnosis laois, offaly, kildare, kilkenny
weight loss hypnosis laois, offaly, kildare, kilkenny
Unfortunately, diet programs alone do not engage your deeper mind and are generally unable to allow people to lose excess weight/fat and keep it off sustainably. Even diet programs that include exercise programs may not work for most people in the long run.

Most people who come to see me have tried diets and have failed. They have tried exercise programs too, and have also failed. Such approaches, alone, can be comparable to a car without a good engine, in that it may not get you very far in your journey.

We employ an integrated hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming approach. With this system can remove the old programming that is causing you to eat out of habit, emotions, family conditioning, while increasing your level of exercise and the way you eat. The second phase of the process is to reprogram your mind for success, with better and more powerful directives so that you can shed that unwanted weight or fat and keep it off, in an easy and practical way.

As a by-product to doing hypnosis your mind will be once again educated in the ways of proper eating and living, so that you can lose unnecessary weight without effort, simply because you can.

My Weight Loss Management System includes 3 live sessions at my office. On top of that you will get a 10 minute mind programming track that you can listen as you fall asleep at night or first thing in the morning before starting your day, to deepen, cement and galvanise the benefits of hypnosis and your new way of eating, exercising and managing your daily life. The investment for this wonderful program is only €300.

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Weight Loss Hypnosis in Laois, serving Offaly, Kildare, Kilkenny & the South Dublin Area. Reprogram Your Mind and Watch Excess Weight Drop Off and Stay Off.