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stop smoking hypnotherapy offaly kildare kilkenny south dublin quit smoking hypnosis
stop smoking hypnotherapy offaly kildare kilkenny south dublin quit smoking hypnosisnotherapy offaly kildare kilkenny laois

Q. What do I get from hypnosis?

A. You will regain peace of mind, order, and power in your life and the pain of smoking will be GONE for good.

Q. Will I be out of control?

A. On the contrary. You will be awake and aware and will take control of those parts of your life that don’t have to be out of control any more.

Q. Will I remember what happened?

A. Off course. You will be able to hear everything I say, and remember as much as you would from any normal everyday conversation.

Q. What is hypnosis?

A. Hypnosis is simply a focused and absorbed state of mind, coupled with the engagement of your imagination and neurology. When these occur, hypnosis automatically happens.

Q. Can everyone be hypnotised?

A. Yes, everyone is hypnotisable. If you can focus and use your imagination you can be hypnotised.

Q. How does hypnosis work?

A. For behaviour modification hypnosis simply allows the conscious mind and the subconscious mind to reach a powerful AGREEMENT!

Q. How long does hypnosis last?

A. The effects of hypnosis have been known to last a lifetime.

Q. How does hypnosis feel?

A. There’s not ONE specific hypnotised feeling. You might feel a heavy feeling of relaxation, notice a light, floating sensation or maybe a feeling of disassociation. You may also become very deeply interested in every word YOU HEAR. In the hypnotic experience, your mind will be active and alert the entire time.

Q. Is hypnosis a real phenomenon?

A. Hypnosis is very real. The medical practice of hypnotherapy was approved by the British Medical Association (BMA), a recognition which was first stated in 1892, reinforced in 1955, and followed by the American Medical Association (AMA) in 1958.

Dentists and surgeons use it more and more often as a replacement to anaesthetics in various surgeries. Under the right circumstances, hypnosis can “delete” the experience of pain.

Behavioural modification like quitting smoking are considered minor feats when compared to taking away the pain experience. Smoking cessation can be achieved commonly and with ease by everyday people.

Q. How successful is hypnosis?

A. With multiple sessions of hypnosis and the use of aversion techniques (part of our IQuitNOW Integrative Hypnosis Stop Smoking Protocol) you can have an average of 12 times the success rate if you were to try and quit smoking cold turkey. The stronger your motivation and personal reasons to quit, the easier it is to stop smoking for good.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Effectiveness Graph - Stop-Smoking-Laois-Offaly-Kildare-Kilkenny
Quit Smoking Hypnosis Effectiveness Graph – Stop-Smoking-Laois-Offaly-Kildare-Kilkenny

Q.What is your GUARANTEE?

A. Simple. Get a 12 Months or Lifetime full Support Relapse Guarantee. The Support Guarantee covers you for a specific period (i.e. 12 Months or Lifetime) in the off-chance you were to start smoking again, by offering you the opportunity to come back for free and deal with it.

REMEMBER. Hypnosis is 100% natural. No artificial ingredients! Hundreds of thousands have been successful with hypnosis and you can too. It’s the winning way to quit for life.


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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy offaly kildare kilkenny laois