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Effectively reversing your beliefs about smoking

Quit ResourcesOne of the best resources to help you stop smoking is Allen Carr’s audiobook version of EASY WAY TO STOP SMOKING. Allen Carr’s hundred-cigarettes-a-day addiction drove him to despair, but after countless attempts to quit he finally did it after seeing an hypnotherapist  and on the way he discovered what the world had been waiting for – the EASY WAY TO STOP SMOKING. Recognised as one of the world’s leading experts on helping smokers to quit, Allen Carr’s informative, no scare tactics methods and techniques are a revelation for those desperate to kick the habit.

The book is available HERE

The AudioBook is Available HERE

I tend to recommend my clients to read the book or better,  listen to the audiobook, either before they see me or between the first and second session of my IQuitNOW Integrative Hypnosis Stop Smoking Protocol.

Quit Resources to Handle Your Triggers and Cravings

Triggers can be specific persons, places, or activities that make you feel like smoking. Knowing your smoking triggers can help you learn to deal with them. When preparing for quitting smoking it can be advantageous to stay clear of situations where you could smoke.

Cravings are short but moderate urges to smoke. They usually only last a few minutes. There are a number of things that you can do when you get a craving.

  1. Urge Surfing it’s a great way to step away from the path of craving in the same way that you get off the road when a fast moving car is approaching you. Be present and watch it cruise by but step out of its trajectory. You can find a good video here to practice surf the urge. This is really good and can be applied to many other situations, not just smoking.
  2. The Spinning Wheel by Richard Bandler. This tool is generally used to calm anxiety and fears, specifically to ground oneself and de-energise a strong emotion. It works also very well with cigarette pangs, it’s easy, fast and powerful. To practice it, close your eyes and visualise the pang feeling, most people say it starts in the belly and goes up towards their chest and head, the feeling seems to always rise towards the throat and head and keeps on cycling from bottom to top. Now give it a colour. Most people say its red but can be of any other colour you choose. Now take that emotion wheel and push it outside of your chest, about two feet away. Now reverse the spin so that it spins from top to bottom and change the colour to one that makes you feel grounded and relaxed, maybe blue or something. Increase the spin of the wheel and notice how it pushes the feeling down towards your belly and decreases the intensity of the (pang) feeling. Now pull it again inside your chest, keep it cycling round and become aware of how beautifully grounded you start to feel. Keep the wheel spinning from top to bottom and visualise the colour. Carry on until you feel really good and grounded. In a minute or so the pang should have vanished all together. There is a video of Richard Bandler demonstrating this technique that you can watch here starting at 7:35.
  3. Emotional Freedom Technique (AKA Tapping). Meridian tapping is an amazing way to tap your way into emotional freedom. It is incredibly helpful to flatten out and extinguish smoking pangs so do go ahead and give this a good try, you will be amazed at the results. This exercise is very good for grounding you and you will feel inexplicably peaceful after a minute or two of doing this simple exercise. A good tapping video can be found here.