Hypnotherapy Services Laois-Offaly-Kildare-Kilkenny

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From the prestigious scientific journal New Scientist:  “Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little.”


Hypnotherapy Services Laois-Offaly-Kildare-Kilkenny
Hypnotherapy Services Laois-Offaly-Kildare-Kilkenny

Hi, I’m Vito Romito, owner and principle hypnotherapist at TranceFormative Hypnosis – Portlaoise.

In this practice I specialise in stop smoking hypnosis therapy and behavioural modification. That simply means that I help people to take back control of their lives and live a longer, more fulfilling life with lots more money and happiness in it. But before you continue reading and find out if my services are right for you, and if you are right for this, let me ask you:

  • Are you familiar with your two inner voices, the “I’m sick of smoking, I want to quit” and the “Go on, just one cigarette”?
  • Would you like to pacify that internal conflict for good?
  • Would you be pleased if those parts finally joined forces to serve you fully as a non-smoker?
  • Do you want to be able to enjoy meals, free time, breaks and social occasions smoke-free and stress-free?

If yes, keep on reading, because you are in the right place.

The first thing I want to say to you is that it’s easy and enjoyable to quit for life. What? Yes, I know.

Your experience is probably different because you haven’t approached the problem from the right angle, yet. I was a smoker too and in those 12 + years smoking 20 cigarettes a day I wasted €50,000. At last, I managed to quit easily with hypnosis, after 100s of previous unsuccessful attempts. I know the way.

Our integrative hypnosis system is exquisitely effective and has worked successfully for all kinds of smokers. In fact, it is primarily designed for real hard-core smokers. Those “desperate” cases that have tried and failed over and over, maybe like I did, for decades, after trying with all available methods.

With our comprehensive IQuit NOW Integrative Hypnosis Protocol you can find quitting easy, natural, enjoyable and stress free. For hypnosis specific questions consult our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by clicking HERE



1. Goodbye Fear and Slavery!

Did you know that slavery was abolished in 1865? Picture a day not far from today. You are sitting at home very relaxed, sipping a cup of tea or coffee. You are thinking: “Goodness, it must have been at least a couple of days now. I haven’t thought about cigarettes even once. Wow! This is fabulous!”.

And as a large smile breaks through your face, and you feel a sense of inner pride welling up inside your chest, you enjoy the moment and feel free, relieved and happy. You are free! That day may be only a few weeks away from now.

And as you quit for good you can enjoy peace of mind. Almost as good as that of a Tibetan monk, but likely less! No more fear looming in the back of your mind. You know, that fear of ending up looking like one of those toothless people from the warning messages in cigarette’ packs.

Be free from the pain and fear of contracting one of the 20+ crippling/deadly diseases that you can win at the overly generous tobacco lottery. Enjoy the heart and the lungs of a strong healthy person. Live free and strong, feeling like absolutely nothing is missing from your life!

2. Brand new again!

Can you imagine being crippled and stuck in a sterile hospital room, lonely? Hmmm… Not great! Now picture yourself being dead as a doornail. Not amazing either, isn’t it? Yes. Now trash that image.

Can you picture yourself smiling and enjoying the sweet and colourful joys of life? Imagine feeling enthusiastic and excited, regaining control of your life and personal power, recovering your self-confidence and improving your personal appeal.

Can you envisage the monumental effects of quitting for life? Feeling amazing and gaining 10, 15 or maybe 20 or more years of rock solid, quality, healthy life… being around for the people you really love… Sounds great doesn’t it?!

Great, yes, but unless you honestly decide to quit, you can probably say goodbye to all of it. Time to get real. 1 in every 2 smokers die of a smoking related disease, way before their time. Period. And we know about these statistics from a study that involved 35,000 doctors and started in the 50s in the UK, and was published after a 40 years follow up, in 1994 (Click here to read the article) .

Another study 10 years later on the same participants confirmed the findings and suggested that the situation might be even worse, and that up to 2 in every 3 smokers could die as a direct result of smoking. (Click here to read the article) .

And just because you are related to or know someone who is 80 and still smokes it does not mean you will fare as well.

And some people might even consider themselves lucky if they die relatively quick of lung cancer, heart attack or stroke. Not so lucky however, if they get crippled by emphysema (and get to carry around all day an oxygen cylinder instead of a lovely puppy).

Or maybe it’s a leg amputation due to poor circulation and thrombosis. Maybe it’s mouth or throat cancer where they remove half of the jaw, larynx and oesophagus. Can you picture that?

I can’t see the future and so can’t you. But it doesn’t have to happen. Life is great and when you quit your body springs back into full health almost instantly. And you will feel marvellous the moment you discover and experience first-hand that cigarettes have never given you anything of value, and that you can actually quit easily.

How would you like to see smoking in an entirely different light? Would you like to feel totally at ease and motivated in your choice to remain a non smoker for life? What if the process of stopping and the 3-4 weeks after quitting was actually easy and enjoyable?

For once in your life, live!


how quitting changes your body
how quitting changes your body

3. It tastes so good!

Imagine you are going in the kitchen. Open the oven, and pull out the freshest, crispiest, most delicious hot pizza you’ve ever eaten. Now take a big bite. Talk about crisp! The tomato sauce is so fresh and delicate, and the cheese, lots of chewy, whole-milk mozzarella, made from the finest buffalo milk, imported from the coast of Genova, Italy.

Well, keep imagining, because your taste buds are burnt out! In a few days after you quit will you be able to taste delicious foods again, to their fullest. Food is richer and far more tasty and satisfying starting a few hours after you quit.

And the same goes for drinks. Drinking out socially too of course. You will enjoy it much more, when you don’t have to or want to smoke anymore. Once you discover the trick and make the switch, it’s easy. You will delight in social times and after meals when you are so wonderfully uninterested in smoking.

4. Look great!

You are going to look and feel so much better now. Healthy, glowing and hydrated skin, whiter teeth, nicer hair, clearer nails. Quitting is also a natural remedy for clearing up those bags under the eyes.

And as you look nicer, and smell a million times better, your partner will let you know that. And if you’re looking for one, rest assured you are going to need every bit of “looking great” that you can master, and every bit of “smelling amazing” that you can get.

More importantly though, you are going to look nicer inside. Healthier lungs, heart, brain, veins and arteries, tissues and organs. Can you imagine the rush of increased natural energy and good health as you feel 10 times better than you have since started smoking? Can you start to imagine all that you could do with that extra fitness?

5. Gain riches and extra time!

Pretend you have just received a pay rise of €5,200 a year. Assuming a 30% tax you take home €4,000. That’s a fine €335 extra in your pockets, every month. What would you do with that money?

Maybe spend the €4,000 on a 3 weeks holiday in Egypt, visiting the stunning pyramids and diving on the colourful reefs of the Red Sea. Perhaps you upgrade your car and pay the financing for a brand new, classy BMW. Or you could decide to invest your money safely so that they can grow you more money while you sleep. Maybe you decide to send your kids to piano, martial arts and dance lessons.

Did you know that the average Irish smoker spends €4,000 a year on cigarettes?

That is €100,000 after tax, in 25 years, and my clients tend to smoke for 25 years on average. Can you see how well you “get paid” when you quit? And you don’t have to do any extra work for it.

You will be naturally more relaxed too as you quit smoking, and will have lots more time. That’s because every cigarette takes about 6 minutes to smoke. The average smoker goes through 20 cigarettes a day and that is 2 HOURS a day. 2 hours a day = 14 hours a week = 2.3 days a month = 28 days a year!

That’s almost an entire month every year spent smoking. That is about 1 YEAR LOST EVERY 12 YEARS. Can you handle the full emotional weight of that sentence? So, If you were wondering about costs, think again, properly. And if you weren’t thinking about time wasted smoking, then you probably are now!

6. Sleep Like a Log.

What could you do in your day with consistently better sleep at night? Research at John Hopkins Medicine Center found that cigarette smokers are four times as likely as non smokers to report feeling unrested after a night’s sleep.

Smokers also spend less time in deep sleep and more time in light sleep than non smokers. The body needs to repair the damage caused by cigarette smoking and that could be one way energy is utilised at night, instead of allowing for a sound night of sleep.

Also, smokers can spend quite some time smoking before getting to work when that time could be spent sleeping longer in bed. Could you do with 20 or 30 minutes of extra sleep in the morning?

7. Be happier and slender.

Research at Brown University has found that quitting smoking eases depression symptoms. In this study, instead of being miserable, people that quit experienced greater levels of happiness and elevated moods throughout their times as non smokers.

Also, as you quit smoking the right way you can enjoy more exercise and better eating patterns and as your body cleanses from the inside out you experience being fitter and having more energy. If anything, quitting smoking helps you to become more in control of yourself and your body. Losing weight and getting in better shape can be very common by-products of quitting.

8. Feel superior!

Wouldn’t you love to wipe off that air of superiority from those people looking at you like a loser? Can’t blame them, when you smoke you have essentially a big flashy neon sign on your head saying: “I CAN’T MANAGE MY EMOTIONS, I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT, THERE MUST BE SOME INHERENT WEAKNESS ABOUT ME” .

Well, once you quit you can feel better about yourself. Yes, you get to feel “superior”, in a nice way! Imagine going to a pub or to a wedding and looking at those smokers, kind of clumped together, breathing (with lots of difficulty) toxic fumes, with a look of slight panic as they realise they only have 1 cigarette left in their packet, looking like they just can’t cope with life, smelling awful.

You finally get to be on the other side of things, relaxed, having fun, confident and smelling like a mountain flower. As such, you can feel proud of yourself, as you feel stronger and fitter, and better off in so many ways, with a great smile on your face. At last, you get to feel like you are winning in life. And you know why that is? Because you are!



# 1. Insider Experience.

I am fully aware of your smoking related thoughts, needs and fears. Why?  Because I’ve being there myself. I have smoked 20 a day for 12+ years and burnt €50’000+ in personal out of pocket expense intoxicating myself for no good reason at all. I quit with hypnosis out of desperation after having honestly tried 100s of times with every possible method. Oh wait, let me correct that, I never locked myself in a cage with a mature silverback gorilla in the hope of stopping!

# 2. Generalist or Specialist?

Imagine you felt a stinging pain in your throat for an entire day. Then, the next morning you find some painful red swelling and you get worried. Given the opportunity, would you prefer visiting your GP or a throat specialist? That’s right, and so would I. I am the Midlands Stop Smoking Hypnosis Specialist, and offer a Lifetime Guarantee. I strive to be the most effective and successful practitioner in the country.

# 3. Comprehensive and beyond.  

You can feel really confident about you quitting for good because we do so much more than just hypnosis. I carefully weave my sessions using powerful tools that include:

  1. Neuro Linguistic Programming (to reprogram habits and associations in your mind),
  2. Conversational hypnosis (potent way of communication to affect you deeply),
  3. Psychoeducation (to powerfully affect your conscious mind). We use Allen Carr’s principles to stop smoking as a framework for correction of your beliefs about smoking.
  4. Clean language interventions (to create a communication bridge with your subconscious mind),
  5. Cognitive Behavioural Psychology (showing you how your thoughts direct your emotions and behaviours),
  6. Other behavioural modification techniques and psychological influence,
  7. Clinical hypnotherapy (the formal eyes closed, trance approach to hypnosis).
  8. In addition, I pool together the methods used by the 7 most successful stop smoking practitioners in the world and this makes my IQuit NOW Integrative Hypnosis Protocol as effective as it can be.

# 4. Science Helps.

Anticipate success because, although virtually all of my clients stop smoking after the first Core Session, I use a (minimum) two Core Sessions Protocol. This system drastically improves your success rate, reflecting scientific research. Our job is to cement your new non smoker behaviour and identity while covering all possible pitfalls. This protocol also allows me to follow you closely over the first few (important) weeks as a non smoker.

# 5. One-Time Fee, Covered for Life (just in case).

Experience true peace of mind because I offer a Genuine 12 MONTHS (or) LIFETIME Full Relapse Guarantee.  The Guarantee covers you in two ways. First, if you ever need more than 2 or 3 sessions (very few people ever do) you are covered by our Free-Sessions-Until-You-Quit service. Secondly, the Guarantee covers you in the very (very!) unlikely chance you will ever need more of my professional assistance in the future, say 10 months or 10 years down the line. This Written Certificate of Guarantee covers you fully, for FREE.


Contact us now at info@tranceformativehypnosis.com or at 085 766 4893 for further information or for a free 30 minute consultation. Alternatively, consult our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by clicking HERE or keep on reading about our fully comprehensive and *guaranteed IQuitNOW Integrative Hypnosis Stop Smoking Protocol by clicking HERE.

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Hypnotherapy Services Laois-Offaly-Kildare-Kilkenny    Hypnotherapy Services Laois-Offaly-Kildare-Kilkenny   Hypnotherapy Services Laois-Offaly-Kildare-Kilkenny