I’m the principle hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner at TranceFormative Hypnosis Portlaoise. Specialising in Stop Smoking Hypnosis, I serve Laois-Offaly-Kildare-Dublin. My mission is to assist you with producing positive and lasting change in your life.

I find nothing more rewarding than a client saying: “Thank you, I don’t know how we did it, but you have helped me kick smoking for good.” It takes time, experience and a lot of preparation, but witnessing a client going through a TranceFormative experience (pun intended!) is the one thing that makes what I do so incredibly fulfilling. So now, a little about myself.

With an academic and professional background in the life sciences, extensive personal application of self hypnosis, and subsequent training and professional qualifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in Ireland, I bring a solid and objective evidence-based approach to my client services.

About About the hypnotist
    About the hypnotist

Since 2010, through my personal development journey, and in more recent years with the clients I’ve worked with in Ireland and Europe, I have had the pleasure to witness the capacity of people to make radical changes, and see the profound effects that the mind exerts on the body and on seemingly fixed habits and behaviours we express daily.

My journey into hypnosis began after endless unsuccessful attempts to free myself from the smoking habit using conventional methods such as will power and nicotine patches. I have managed to escape a culture of smoking that was deeply ingrained in the country I come from, Italy. There, nearly all teens and adults seem to smoke.

Smoking marks almost every social occasion from breakfast in the morning, to coffee and work breaks, religiously after lunch and dinners, to a chat with a friend over a drink. For almost 15 years while living in England, East Africa and Ireland I was I was stuck in my “quit for a while and start smoking again cycle”.

Only after using hypnosis did I finally quit, easily and for good. The day I stopped smoking, several years ago now, my life literally took off!

I am an avid practitioner of self hypnosis and meditation and work on myself daily. I enjoy experimenting on new areas and with new approaches, all the while striving to learn more about the various applications of hypnosis, the art of subconscious communication and the ways of effectively tapping into the vast potential of the unconscious mind for therapeutic purposes.

I have trained and continue to develop under the direction of the best hypnotists, and other professional therapists available today. Also, I continue to consult avidly the writings of Dr. Milton Erickson, David Elman, Emile Coue’ and other such “legends” of hypnotherapy.

On a personal level, what I find most amazing is the application of hypnosis to reduce or switch off pain completely. The experience of pain is so universal and understandable by all that seeing it completely disappear through hypnosis, offers the ultimate proof of effectiveness.

Evidence of hypnosis to perform a variety of surgical operations, dental surgery and other similar records is incredibly empowering and stimulating. In recent years, hypnosis has even been used for open brain and open heart surgery. As a result, these influences have been instrumental in directing me towards a career in hypnotherapy, ensuring my dedication to this strange and fascinating field.

In terms of therapy what I do is very simple. I assist people in changing their deeply held beliefs and to powerfully shift their mindsets. As a result, they generate new understandings and experiences, which affect lasting positive change in their lives.

I do this by tapping into their unconscious mind, be it to quit smoking for good, or to eradicate other unwanted behaviours and habits like fears and phobias.

So, if you are as excited as me about producing lasting results, stop smoking for good or experience other beneficial changes, get in touch with me NOW.


Vittorio Romito

Dip. Hip, NLP Prac.


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